Spraying and spreading


LH Agro is your source for industry-leading spraying and spreading solutions that help you to maximise results and minimise inputs. All backed by LH Agro’s outstanding levels of support and service.

Our TopCon consoles give you complete command over a suite of tools that can result in significant reduction in fertiliser costs by applying nutrients based only on crop need. Combine precision steering, rate and section control, on-the-go-sensing, boom height control and data sharing software for the most advanced spreading and spraying solutions on the market.

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Whether you have a tow-behind or self-propelled sprayer, the TopCon solutions provide outstanding control including from 4 up to 8 inputs. Use an existing map, import a new one, engage autosteering, and go. The X25 or X35 consoles provide a configurable view of application rates as well as log path of travel and more. Use the ASC-10 for auto section control of up to 10 sections, or gang up to 3 ASC-10 units for 30 sections. The X25 controls variable rate application of up to 4 products while the X35 offers control of up to 8 products.


TopCon spreader solutions have tremendous power and accuracy, and can deliver very fine control for a wide variety of applications. Monitoring and control of spreader performance is available through either ASC-10 of the ISOBUS compliant Athene ECU’s. Variable rate applications can be performed from imported prescription maps or you can perform real-time variable rate applications through utilising the Topcon CropSpec canopy sensors . Combined with high-accuracy/repeatable autosteering you get the job done with the right product, at the right rate, in the right place, at the right time.

Crop Sensing

The use of crop sensing technology in cereal and grain crops to measure nutrition needs is one of the fastest growing segments in precision farming. TopCon CropSpec crop canopy sensors work with either the X35 or X25 consoles to monitor in-field variability, treat on-the-go, or save data for future analysis and creation of prescription maps.

Step by step guide to finding the right precision solution for your farm business.

Step 1. Select application

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Step 3. Select precision solution