TopCon autoguidance or autosteering are easy to set up, easy to use, precise, and repeatable. Simply choose the necessary accuracy for your current needs or start at a basic level and easily upgrade as your needs change. LH Agro can help you to choose from entry level, mid-range or premium solutions depending on your needs.

Entry Level

Add entry-level autosteering in equipment to increase efficiency, eliminate overlap and underlap, and reduce operator stress. Autosteering allows one tractor to do the work of two or three tractors, with continuous, round the clock operation. The combination of an X25/X35 Console and AGI-4 Receiver/Steering Controller from TopCon saves time and fuel, reduces stress, cuts input costs, and provides implement control and the ability to map your work as you perform it.

Ideal for cultivation.


The TopCon autosteering solution maintains accurate vehicle paths even in difficult terrain or irregular fields. And hands-free operation reduces demands on the operator. Best-in-class visual interface allows the operator to see the field, the path of travel, areas covered, boundaries, even obstacles can be added on the fly. As an added bonus, Horizon software remembers your fields and travel, so each subsequent pass follows exactly the one before, making life easier still.

Ideal for Spraying.


The premium autosteering solution from TopCon includes the X30 12-inch touchscreen console and AGI-4 receiver/steering controller to provide GNSS satellite reception and correction from WAAS/EGNOS standard or move up with high-accuracy upgrades to 2cm repeatable RTK. This solution is also capable of auto section control up to 32 sections or rows and variable rate application of up to 8 products. With X30 you get intuitive icon-based interface, drag-and-drop mini-view info windows, user-definable dashboard along with easy upgradeability to grow as your operation grows. X30 can display 5 different functions on its 12-inch full color touchscreen simultaneously to give feedback from multiple points throughout your equipment.

Ideal for seed drilling.


TopCon X3 Optimal Lines produces controlled traffic farming with unmatched versatility. Optimal Lines provides many additional benefits where flexibility in GPS lines is needed to repeatedly accommodate varied field conditions and equipment setups over an extended time period. First developed to minimize plant damage in sugar cane operations, Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) with TopCon Optimal Lines, reduces soil compaction damage caused by repeated passes over the land. The TopCon solution confines machinery to the least possible areas of permanent traffic lanes, reducing tracking to just 15% and it always occurs in the same place.

Ideal for combining.

Step by step guide to finding the right precision solution for your farm business.

Step 1. Select application

Step 2. Select your machine



Step 3. Select precision solution