Crop Sensing

No more guessing or estimating

Pairing your spraying or spreading solution with industry-leading CropSpec sensors gives you the assurance that you are applying inputs based on your crop’s need in real-time. LH Agro can help you to choose the best TopCon solutions for your needs.


The use of crop sensing technology in cereal and grain crops to measure nutrition needs is one of the fastest growing segments in precision farming. TopCon CropSpec Crop Canopy Sensors work with either the X35 or X25 Consoles and AGI-4 Receiver/Steering Controller to monitor in-field variability, treat on-the-go, or save data for future analysis and creation of prescription maps.


CropSpec nutrient sensors scan the crop for crop health and nutrition needs and record data on either the X25 or X35 in-cab console. From the cab, the georeferenced nutrient map can be sent back to the office via MAGNET Mobile AG Network. In the office, you, or your agronomist can retrieve the data in a secure internet location, then process it in SGIS software to generate a variable rate prescription map. The TopCon X35 can do variable rate application of up to 8 products; the X25 up to 4 products.

Step by step guide to finding the right precision solution for your farm business.

Step 1. Select application

Step 2. Select your machine



Step 3. Select precision solution