The first truly modular ISO-compliant steering system.

Topcon AGI-4

All-in-one, modular design with antenna, receiver, and steering controller in a single component

Offering unmatched upgradeability, the Topcon AGI-4A includes WAAS and EGNOS as standard, easily upgradeable to 2cm accuracy with RTK radio options. NTRIP capability allows you to tap into existing reference networks via mobile phone connection (dependent on local availability) and uses existing data plans and infrastructure to minimise costs.


  • Inertial system
  • CAN, RS-232, Ethernet
  • Rugged Housing for OEM and Aftermarket Applications
  • OmniSTAR Capable
  • Most Advanced GLONASS and GPS Dual Frequency RTK Satellite Tracking System
  • Advance Multipath Reduction (AMR)
  • In-band Interference Rejection (IBIR) Option
  • Compliance with CMR and RTCM Industry Standard
  • Flash Download Capability (Application Code Revisions in the Field)
  • Three Bi-color LED Indications for Satellite Tracking and Status
  • Snap-in High Grade IMU Module (Optional)Snap-in Modem Module (Optional)
  • Upgrade options for RTK include 900 mHz radio and US GSM, UHF Digital Modem with US GSM, and OmniSTAR HP/XP upgrade.
  • Compatible with Topcon base stations, TopNet, GSM and CORS networks.
  • Industry-leading ISO11783 compatibility with virtual terminals, enabling you to add Topcon autosteering to many steer-ready vehicles via a single component installation. Compatible with many other manufacturer’s displays.

How it Works

  • Complete integrated steering solution featuring multiple-constellation GNSS satellite reception, state-of-the-art inertial sensors, full terrain compensation, with superior line acquisition and holding capabilities.

Ideal for

  • Autosteering


Supply Voltage

7-26 VDC
Minimum voltage when voltage drops: 5.5 VDC

Supply Current

600mA typical operating current
2A Max

Output Power

12V/500mA max for external radio modem


1 ea. CAN1 Fendt proprietary messages
1 ea. CAN2 J1939 Steering controller; 250 kbs
1 ea. CAN3 ISO 11783; 250 kbs
1 ea. RS-232 A Diagnostic
1 ea. RS-232 D External Modem
1 ea. Ethernet port


Powder-coated, cast aluminum; Plastic dome


2 ea. DT06-12S
Deutsch connector, integrated housing, unique keyed
1 ea. Type N for external GNSS antenna
1 ea. TNC for radio


1 ea. Power
1 ea. GNSS Receiver
1 ea. Correction Source


2.4 Kg

Operating Temperature

-40C to +80C

Ingress Protection


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