Topcon X23

Low cost ISOBUS guidance display

The X23 includes Topcon Horizon software as standard. So you benefit from the same easy-to-use farmer-friendly on-screen navigation menus, drag-and-drop mini-views and user configurable dashboard as our larger consoles.

The Topcon X23 is specifically designed for machine guidance, spraying control, and for easy connectivity using ISOBUS 11783 Universal Terminal (UT) functionality.


  • 4in color touchscreen
  • Topcon Horizon Software embedded
  • ISOBUS Features UT, FS, TC-BASS, TC-GEO and TC-SC*
  • Auto Section Control up to 10 sections via CAN*
  • Variable Rate Control for 1 product *

How it Works

  • Easily map and set autosteering controls to optimise efficiency
  • Guidance is easily monitored and controlled through the touchscreen display

Ideal for

  • Guidance
  • Autosteering
  • Spraying & Spreading

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