Upgrade your Topcon X30 for a new X35 screen for only £2,750 + vat  and get the new CL-10 modem for FREE

By upgrading your screen to an X35 and CL-10 you are future proofing your enterprise for new updates and products coming soon from Topcon.

Upgrading from X30 to X35 will give:

  • Better processing power for complex and processing power heavy workflows like multi-product variable rate seed on ISOBUS
  • Better screen which gives a better user experience
  • Future support – the X35 will be supported an upgraded by Topcon so you will always have the latest software and the benefits that brings

“Switching to the x35 from my old x30 has been great. It’s quicker and can handle a lot more. I also like the screen and how easy it is to use. We had Xtend unlocked too so I can use my phone to check spray lines”

Use the CL-10 for:

  • NTRIP RTK– covering large areas means lots of base swapping. With NTRIP RTK, one signal using the CL-10’s built-in roaming SIM allows wider coverage with no need to swap bases. Areas with undulating land will see signal benefits from this RTK Correction type. Users will see very quick connection times.
  • Remote support– our team of service engineers can remotely access your screen when asked to help solve any issues over the phone using the CL-10’s Wi-Fi access. They can control certain functions to allow a better service experience and resolve issues faster.
  • TAP (Topcon Agriculture Platform) – This new product from Topcon is a web-based service designed to streamline data sharing between farm office and consoles. Instantly share variable rate files and workflows down to the X35. USB sticks are a thing of the past! Future developments in TAP include the ability to share AB lines and coverage between multiple consoles and capture applied maps and work for report generation.

**All Unlocks from X30 will be transferred to X35

**Price includes installation and initial training

**All new hardware comes with a 2 year warranty

As well as the above we are offering 20% discounts on any Topcon Products bought with this deal