New UK distributor for NORAC BOOM Height Control System

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LH Agro UK Ltd has today announced its appointment as a UK distributor for Topcon’s range of NORAC branded sprayer boom height control systems.

LH Agro has been appointed by Topcon Agriculture as a UK distributor for its range of boom height control systems under the NORAC brand, with the official appointment taking effect from 18th January 2017 to coincide with the first day of the LAMMA show at Peterborough.

NORAC, which provides advanced automated boom height control technology, was acquired by Topcon in 2015. Its current product line includes systems to precisely maintain sprayer boom height above the top of the crop or the ground to ensure optimum application of crop protection chemicals and liquid fertilisers. NORAC boom height control systems are compatible with most makes and models of sprayers.

NORAC’s systems maintain boom height at a preset level by using ultra-sonic sensors and fast- acting proportional valves to monitor field contours and make responsive boom adjustments. Maintaining spray nozzles at the recommended height allows chemicals to be applied using an optimum spray pattern, ensuring even chemical application and reducing drift.

The ISOBUS enabled NORAC system allows sprayers to be operated in a unique Hybrid ModeTM which provides the operator with a level of performance not previously provided by other boom heightcontrollers:thissystem,whichcombinesNORAC’sSoilModeTM andCropModeTM functions, simultaneously tracks both the soil surface and crop canopy, thereby enabling the correct boom height to be maintained even in difficult conditions where areas of the crop have been washed out, lodged or disrupted by wheel tracks.

As well as improving the efficacy of chemicals and liquid fertilisers, the NORAC system also reduces operator stress and prevents boom damage by automatically controlling up to eight boomfunctionsthroughitsPassiveRollTM andActiveWingRollTMoperatingmodes:leftwingup and down movement, right wing up and down movement, main boom up and down movement and main boom clockwise and anti-clockwise tilt can all be controlled independently. The ability to deliver such precise boom control enables faster operating speeds and reduced operator stress, especially when working on uneven terrain.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with the NORAC brand in the UK,” explains Richard Reed, LH Agro’s Managing Director. “In a climate where arable margins are so tight and every penny counts, it is critical for growers to be able to apply their cropping inputs accurately and efficiently. The NORAC system achieves this by complementing Topcon’s guidance and autosteer systems to create a complete and integrated range of precision spraying solutions.

“By combining NORAC’s top quality systems with LH Agro’s best-in-field support and aftersales service, we are well placed to enable UK arable farmers to improve the accuracy, efficiency and efficacy of their crop protection programmes.”