Crop Care

With many years experience of application and rate control, we know how important it is to make every drop count and get every drop in the right place at the right rate.

Whether you have a self propelled sprayer or a trailed sprayer, Topcon has a solution to fit your needs.

We can offer a choice of Spray control ECU’s which can easily be retrofitted to older sprayers or come as a factory fit option on most major spray manufactures.

Pairing your spraying or spreading solution with industry-leading CropSpec sensors gives you the assurance that you are applying inputs based on your crop’s need in real-time. CropSpec has been designed to the highest standards and also developed in partnership with YARA. This allows growers to have complete confidence in the application of their nutrition products.

Having the correct boom height has been scientifically proven to increase efficacy of chemical applications, reducing drift and better coverage of crops.

Norac Boom Height control helps with keeping booms at a consistent height, following the contours of undulating ground. It can be retrofitted to pretty much any sprayer on the market and is fully ISOBUS compliant so can be used with any tractor or sprayer.


Benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Fully integrated controls with Topcon X consoles
  • ISBOUS compliant as standard
  • Section and variable rate control
  • Fully IP rated and ready for outdoor use
  • Up to 8 variable rate maps at once
  • PDF record reports
  • Up to 200 sections available
  • Boom Height control