Supplying supported solutions for agriculture.

At LH Agro, we help you make the most of the best precision farming tools available.
Our agricultural electronic monitoring and control systems from TopCon offer complete crop management control to address all seasons, crops, terrains, machinery and implements, enabling you to:

  • Maximise yields from targeted inputs
  • Seed, spread, and spray with total accuracy
  • Automate machinery for better efficiency

The result: Increased productivity, reduced inputs and maximised yield potential—all backed by outstanding service and support wherever you are in the UK.




Rob and Mark Leeson

“We’re not necessarily using any less fertiliser, but what we are using is being applied more accurately and to better effect. Our crops are much more even as a result and are therefore easier to harvest.”
Rob and Mark Leeson of Kirby Wold House near Malton in North Yorkshire READ MORE