Mobile RTK

Wherever you need high accuracy RTK for your precision farming operations – autosteering, autosection control, variable rate application or planting – Topcon’s HiPer AG provides a versatile solution.

The most advanced and compact receiver available in the market, the HiPer AG is a one-piece, cable-free unit incorporating the satellite receiver, radio communications, antennas, and rechargeable battery.



  • Innovative, one piece cable-free unit
  • Rugged, compact, field-proven design
  • Advanced data radio communications
  • Dual-constellation GPS+GLONASS satellite reception
  • Integrated Bluetoothâ„¢ wireless technology
  • Powerful 40-channel GNSS board operates at up to 20Hz
  • Other features include multi-path mitigation and co-op tracking plus under-canopy and low-signal strength reception.

How it Works

  • For all your precision farming operations, the versatile HiPer AG functions as an ultra-mobile, cable-free base, a fixed base station (with optional external GPS or radio antennas), or a rover for surveying.
  • The HiPer AG receives signals from both GPS and GLONASS. This capability provides up to 50% more satellites for higher accuracy and less downtime from limited satellite access.
  • Radio options include long-range FH915, digital, and SATEL. As a multi-function, multi-purpose receiver, the HiPer AG can receive and process both L1 and L2 signals and provides L1/L2 C/A,P-Code, full code & carrier data, improving the accuracy of your points and positions.
  • The HiPerAg operates from 5 Hz up to 20 Hz, which is particularly useful when being operated as a rover. For surveying, the HiPer AG provides superior functionality, signal integrity and availability needed for fast, easy data collection.
  • For land levelling, the HiPer AG provides GNSS corrections that enable high-accuracy Z-axis positioning. While the best Z-axis results are obtained within 2.5+ miles, placing the HiPer AG centrally in the field or project allows you to grade over 12,000 acres from one setup.

Ideal for:

  • Autosteering
  • Seeding & Planting
  • Spraying & Spreading

Step by step guide to finding the right precision solution for your farm business.

Step 1. Select application

Step 2. Select your machine



Step 3. Select precision solution