Topcon AGI-3 Omnistar

Multiple-constellation GPS receiver for flexible accuracy options.

The AGI-3 can be unlocked to track OmniSTAR’s latest G2 satellite delivery, subscription-based correction signal, enabling 10cm accuracy whereever you are.

The OmniSTAR G2 signal is perfect for cereal crop based operations, including cultivation and broad acre drilling and even capable of precision row crop work such as bed forming and precision planting. The Omnistar G2 signal subscription is available over a 3, 4, 5, 6 and 12 month period.


  • Worldwide dual frequency high-accuracy solution which uses Orbit and Clock correction data. GLONASS correction data included.

How it Works

  • OmniSTAR G2 service provides short-term accuracy of 1-2 inches and long term repeatability of better than 10 centimeters, 95%CEP.
  • Ideal for operations in areas where trees or buildings may block the view of the sky and in areas affected by high sunspot activity

Ideal for:

  • Autosteering
  • Seeding & Planting
  • Spraying & Spreading

Step by step guide to finding the right precision solution for your farm business.

Step 1. Select application

Step 2. Select your machine



Step 3. Select precision solution