SAM 100/200/400

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    The SAM range of speed and area measurement instruments is an easy to use and cost-effective method of collecting fieldwork data for cost analysis relevant to both farmers and contractors.


    • Can be programmed by the operator for implements of any practical width and for any sensing wheel size.
    • More accurate fieldwork and acquisition of information relevant to invoice charging.
    • Two programmable forward speed alarms operating two outputs may be utilized to control unspecified aspects of machine operation.
    • Forward Speed (km/hr or miles/hr) with two programmable forward speed alarms and distance channel (km/miles).
    • Partial and Total Area (hectares or acres)
    • Instantaneous Work Rate and engine hours.
    • Water and weatherproof construction – suitable for vehicles without cabs


    • Displays the selected channel, chosen by scrolling with the central button.
    • Information can be in metric or imperial units
    • Programmable by the operator for implements of any practical width and for any wheel size.
    • An automatic cutout switch to prevent area accumulation when turning on headlands etc comes as standard on each model.
    • The SAM 400 also offers two programmable forward speed alarm outputs that can be used to control various aspects of machine operation e.g engine cut-off.
    • A ‘transfer kit’ is available if a unit is to be used on a number of vehicles; this enables the head unit to be transferred easily between vehicles.

    Ideal for

    Collecting data on speed/area/distance