Topcon SGR-1

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    Faster satellite acquisition and simultaneous processing of both GLONASS and GPS signals for high levels of accuracy.

    Accuracy is enhanced even further by TruPass™ advanced positioning technology, which is included as standard.  In addition, the SGR-1 receives L-band OmniSTAR signals and delivers VBS mode measurements.

    As well as  standard GNSS features (such as PPS output), the SGR-1 provides ground speed information as a simulated radar output to enable improved slow speed operations such as seeding and spraying. The compact rugged design provides water and dust protection to IP66 standards. The SGR-1 also provides both Serial and CAN communication capability.


    • Topcon TruPass™ advanced positioning technology
    • Fast, multi-constellation signal acquisition
    • 32 channels for universal L1 GPS/GLONASS/SBAS tracking
    • Up to 20Hz measurement/position update rate
    • Tri-color LED indicator
    • L-band channel for OmniSTAR corrections with VBS
    • Emulated radar out for ground speed simulation
    • Compact, rugged and low cost

    How it Works

    • Virtual Road & Lightbar Guidance: The virtual road and lightbar indicator provide improved manual guidance for application.
    • Application Rate Control – Liquid (Option): Application rate control keeps your applied rate constant even with varied vehicle speeds
    • Auto-Section Control (Option): Automatically switches sprayer sections on/off as you cross previously applied areas.
    • Variable Rate Control (Option): Application rate varied from a predefined application map/plan loaded into the controller.
    • Enhanced Data Management: Provides multiple input/output features for maximum data use. Client / Farm / Field / Job menu lets you save multiple fields and tasks for different farms, then create detailed reports for data tracking and multi-year analysis.
    • Automatic Coverage Mapping: Automatically builds colour coverage maps. Coverage mapping makes it easy to identify missed areas or overlaps.

    Ideal For

    • Autosteering
    • Seeding & Planting
    • Spraying & Spreading