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    Precise and Weatherproof Steering For Any Machine

    The AES-35 Accurate Electric Steering System takes retrofit autosteering to the next level. Offering basic steering to those striving for high-accuracy results, and full compatibility with the Topcon AGI-4 and X Family of Consoles.

    Now weatherproof and fully capable in open-cab environments, coupled with a low-profile OEM design and boosted high peak torque motor, the AES-35 offers hydraulic performance in a universal, electric package. It’s compatible with virtually any agricultural machine on the market, including tractors, sprayers, spreaders, swathers, and combines.


    • Universal Compatibility
    • Suits virtually an AG machine on the market
    • Ideal for non-steer-ready and specialty vehicles
    • Compatible with all Topcon consoles and steering receivers
    • Weatherproof Design
    • IP65 rating, built for open-cab environments
    • Robust Functionality
    • High torque electric motor, offering both forward and reverse
    • Industry leading high/low speed electric performance
    • Capable of RTK positioning accuracy (2cm repeatability, pass-to-pass)
    • Optional Wheel Angle Sensor for improved performance
    • Easy to Use
    • Easy to install and calibrate
    • Easy to transfer between machines


    • Low profile Steering motor
    • All in one system
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to install and move between machines
    • Safety switch and cut off features

    Ideal for

    • Autosteer solutions
    • High accuracy work
    • Non steer ready vehicles