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    Electrohydraulic In-line Steering Valve

    The Electrohydraulic In-line Steering Valve (EHi) is intended for off-road use. The EHi is designed for easy integration in new vehicles, as well as upgrading existing vehicles. EHi with PVED-CLS actuator module form a fail-safe steering valve, category 3 according to ISO 13849-1. EHi fitted with PVED-CLS actuator, as well as a full steering subsystem specification, has a 3rd party certification available. The EHi is a flexible alternative to Danfoss OSPE, for vehicles where space around the steering unit is particularly limited. The EHi may be applied for fail-safe Steer-by-Wire applications, joystick or mini wheel for slow moving vehicles. Four-wheel steering, the EHi may be applied for steering the rear axle, for vehicles where fail-safe operation is acceptable.


    • Low profile Steering valve
    • High quality
    • Factory fit install
    • Safety switch and cut off features


    • Autosteer solutions
    • High accuracy work
    • Non steer ready vehicles