TopCon Agricultural Platform (TAP)

Real time optimisation for smarter farming

Our Topcon Agriculture Platform allows farmers to optimize all aspects of their operation right from their fingertips. From management and planning tools to post-season analysis and prescriptive mapping. With TAP, you get all the real-time data you need to seamlessly optimize your operations and make smarter decisions at every turn.

What is TAP?

A neutral platform

TAP manages data from the point of creation, through cleansing and preparation, and presents it in rich visualization tools intended to go beyond representing variability in fields, to the creation of truly actionable outputs deployed directly to the machine in the field.


The 5 pillars of TAP


  • Automatic Upload of Agronomic Data
  • No Sim Cards
  • No Data Plans
  • Two HW Options
  • Works with Topcon and Third Parties


  • Insightful Maps
  • Auto Cleanse of Data
  • Auto Create Boundaries
  • Simple VRC
  • Supports Mobile devices


  • Share data with the Advisor
  • Push / Pull Data to external platforms
  • API’s to preferred partners


  • Merging telematics with Agronomics
  • Basic Telemetry overlaying agronomic field records
  • Advanced Fleet management through Force

Customer support

  • Remote Support
  • Direct connection to console for troubleshooting



  • Horizon X Console
  • PC or Mobile Browser
  • Mobile Device Applications (TBD)
  • CL-10 Attached to X25/X35 Console
  • CL-55 Attached to Vehicle/Implement

Step by step guide to finding the right precision solution for your farm business.

Step 1. Select application

Step 2. Select your machine



Step 3. Select precision solution